Every year, the Philippine Board of Orthopaedics, Inc, in cooperation with the Philippine Orthopaedic Association-Council for Orthopedic Education (POA-COrE), conducts test question workshops for all the training programs.

This year we tapped the services of the National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions spearheaded by Dra. Melflor Aldovino Atienza MHPEd, FPCP, FPSG, FPSDE, the Dean of NTTCHP UP Manila.

The workshop was a two-week lecture series held via zoom platform with approximately 158 participants from different institutions. The first week was lecture sessions about Overview of Outcome-based Assessment and Formulating multiple-choice questions.

Participants were grouped under the supervision of two faculties—one each from the POA-COrE and PBO. Twelve groups were tasked to formulate their test questions according to a category and subcategory topics randomly assigned to them based on the PBO’s Test Blueprint. A week later, these formulated questions were evaluated, held via Zoom’s breakout rooms.

The second week was lecture sessions on setting the Minimum Passing Level, Item analysis, and online written examination, followed by consultation and awarding certificates.