1. The Committee on NORAP will not be responsible for the decision on who to accept but will just have a central repository of the requirements, documentary, and otherwise and forward these to the department to facilitate their selection process. The criteria and decision for acceptance will still rest on the department.
  2. If an applicant was not accepted to the training program of his/her choice, he/she still has the 2nd round wherein he/she can re-apply to a different one without paying additional fees. If after the 1st and 2nd round of application and he/she was not accepted, then he/she can apply again for the following year’s application round.
  3. Once a decision is reached on who to accept in the residency program of the institution, the Training Officer of the department will forward the list of selected applicants to the Committee who will then inform the successful applicants of their acceptance and then record it in the National Orthopaedic Residency Assistance Program. The applicant will then communicate directly with the residency programs where they were matched for requirements to start the residency training.