A. Rationale

Annually, the PBO recognizes resident trainees who have excelled in their overall performance for the year. Such recognition will be done on a per-year level. This is to give due credit to the resident’s outstanding achievement and exemplary work and the training program they belong to, which reflects the institution’s continuing performance of excellence in training and education.

B. Process

  1. All training institutions are encouraged to submit their candidate to the PBO Awards Committee at least forty-five (45) days before the set deadline. The institute may recommend one (1) nominee per year level. The Board will announce the deadline for such recommendations at the start of its calendar year.
  2. The Program Directors, both the Chairman and the Training Officer, should submit a written essay of not more than five hundred (500) words as to why the said resident is being recommended. They may look at the resident’s workplace performance and In-Service Training Examinations (ITE) performance, their socio-civic achievements for the year both within the institution and outside of it, either on a community, national, or even international level. These may also include leadership involvement in other organizations, social accountability, and other relevant medical or non-medical citations. These should be submitted together with the nomination.
  3. Documentary requirements:

a. The Resident Nominee should apply to the Committee using the PBO Form AW-01 Outstanding Residents Award: CV of Nominee.
b. Passport picture was taken in the last month
c. Supporting documents of their other civic awards, medical citations, research paper/s if any

  1. The Resident Nominee will be subject to a personal interview by the Awards Committee and the other Trustees of The Board on an appointed day, time, and place, either face-to-face or virtually.
  2. The criteria for judgment will be in accordance with AW-02 (Criteria for Judgment of an Outstanding Resident).
  3. The Committee will select only one (1) outstanding resident per year level from the pool of candidates. However, in exceptional circumstances where the choices are very close, the Board may choose more than one awardee per year level.
  4.  The program directors will be duly informed if their nominee has been duly recognized and appropriately selected. The PBO Secretariat will duly notify the Resident Nominee.
  5. The awardees will be given a recognition plaque and a set of prizes by the Committee of the Board.
  6. A resident who has been consistently performing well in the entire duration of their residency training and has been an awardee every year may be recognized as the Most Outstanding Resident in their graduating year.
  7. The Outstanding Residents of the year will be solemnly recognized and awarded during the closing banquet of the Annual Congress of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association.