The Philippine Board of Orthopaedics Inc. Trustees

From the Board’s inception, five trustees ran its day-to-day affairs. With less than ten training programs all over the country, this seemed to be an ideal setup. The PBO must have done its job well because orthopaedic education flourished, with more training programs arising in the country’s many regions. With the increase in demands, starting from the late eighties to its current state, twelve trustees compose the Board of Trustees. There is an urgency to increase this number of Trustees further. As of this golden year, with twenty-two programs and with six more up for visits and provisional accreditation, the Trustees find themselves multi-tasking and getting overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. There is, indeed, a much-needed review of the current by-laws of the organization.

Five or twenty Trustees, the Board, is mandated as the official accrediting and examining arm of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association, Inc. (POA). This is stated in the current constitution and by-laws as approved in 2019. Administrative functions of the Board are handled by the issuance of resolutions and rules of procedures so long as they do not contradict the constitution and by-laws. With the participation of several Past Chairpersons of the Board, the Board of Trustees has come up with the “Manual of Policies and Procedures for Orthopaedic Residency Education,” more informally referred to as the Greenbook. Currently, we are using the 4th edition (2017) of this Greenbook, with a 5th edition in the edit and revisions stage.

The Board of Trustees refers to other Specialty and Sub-specialty Boards as standards of reference in terms of good practice and governance. We also work with the Surgical Specialty Boards for standardization and updating. Adaptive changes, particularly during the pandemic years, were necessary to survive the training standards and the continuance of training programs despite the pandemic’s severe limitations. The Philippine Professional Regulatory Commission, the Department of Health, and the Philippine College of Surgeons are important agencies with which the Board of Trustees works. During this pandemic, the Philippine Medical Association and the Interagency Task Force (IATF) on Covid19 also influence many of the decision-making of the Board. Because of this, the Board’s decisions are very grounded on acceptable norms of engagement.

Future work lies on the mandate of being the examining and accrediting arm of the POA. Soon, the future Board may be augmented by Trustees that are experts in pedagogy and orthopaedic education. We also see a separation of these two mandates. A separate Examination and Accreditation arms are not such a far-fetched idea. Whatever the task of the Board of Trustees is always and shall always be for the betterment of orthopaedic education.

Board of Trustees 2023


Ex-Officio, 2023

Dr. Reynaldo V. Lopez was the 2022 Chair of the Philippine Board of Orthopedics. He will head the Search and Nomination Committee for 2023 and his proposed National Orthopedic Residency Assistance Program (NORAP) Ad Hoc Committee. He joined the PBO in 2018 as the PBO Luzon Representative. He is affiliated with Makabali Memorial Hospital and Angeles University Foundation Medical Center. Dr. Lopez specializes in Trauma and General Orthopedics.


Chair, 2023

Dr. Isagani E. Garin is the elected chair of the Philippine Board of Orthopaedics for 2023. He was elected as a trustee in 2019 as North Luzon Trustee Representative and served as 2022 Vice Chair and Head of Examination, Electronic logbook, and Website committees. He is a full-time Medical Specialist III at Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center, specializing in Orthopedic Oncology.


Vice-Chair, 2023

Dr. Maria Adelwisa G. Belen is the 2023 Vice-Chair of the Philippine Board of Orthopaedics. She joined the PBO in 2019 and served as the Treasurer for 2020 and 2021. She was the secretary and Head of the Accreditation Committee in 2022. For 2023, she will head the Accreditation Committee again3. She is an active consultant of St Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) for QC and BGC and a visiting consultant at Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center (JRRMMC). She specializes in Trauma (Pelvis / Acetabulum) and Arthroplasty.


Treasurer, 2023

Dr. Richard V. Condor, a Spine surgeon, is the newly elected Treasurer of the Philippine Board of Orthopaedics. He was the Visayas Regional Representative in 2021 and 2022 and was elected Trustee-at-Large for 2023. An active consultant of Chong Hua Hospital (CHH) and Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) and Spine Section Head at the University of Cebu Medical Center. He was the POA President for Central Eastern Visayas in 2009. He is also an active officer of the Philippine Spine Society.


Secretary, 2023

Dr. Adrian B. Catbagan, a Spine surgeon, is the elected Corporate Secretary of the PBO for 2023. He joined PBO in 2022 as a Trustee-at-Large. He was a member of the Examinations Committee in 2022 and will head the committee this year. He is currently an Associate Professor VII at UP College of Medicine. He is a Medical Specialist III, part-time at PGH and EAMC. He is also the Chief of the Spine section at EAMC.


Trustee, 2023

Dr. James C. Paggao is a senior Philippine Board of Orthopaedics member. He joined the PBO in 2000 and became the PBO Chair in 2007. He is behind the PBO Golden Anniversary Celebration (2022) and the Chair of the Awards Committee. He will head the same committee this 2023. The PBO Mission and Vision were crafted during his chairmanship. He is a retired and visiting consultant at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC). He is also affiliated with St. Louis University Hospital. He specializes in Pediatrics Orthopedics.


Trustee, 2023

Dr. Edward A. Sarrosa ran for PBO At-Large in 2022. He is a member of the Accreditation Committee for 2023. He is a Medical Specialist IV at the Philippine Orthopedic Center (POC), and he is a visiting consultant at the Makati Medical Center (MMC), St. Luke Medical Center (SLMC), and Asian Hospital & Medical Center. He was the POA President in 2007. He specializes in Shoulder, Sports Medicine, and Trauma.


Trustee, 2023

Dr. Lendell John Z. Gatchalian holds three committees for 2023. He is the Head of the Website, Greenbook 5th Edition Ad Hoc Committee and a member of the Examination Committee. He was PBO Luzon’s representative from 2021 – 2022. He is a visiting consultant at East Avenue Medical Center, Southwood’s Hospital and Medical Center, First Cabuyao Hospital and Medical Center, Santa Rosa Hospital and Medical Center, and Carmona Hospital and Medical Center. He is the current Vice-President of POA South Luzon Chapter. Dr. Gatchalian specializes in Orthopedic Trauma.


Trustee, 2023

Dr. Renier D. Gerochi is a returning Philippine Board of Orthopaedics member. He served as a PBO Visayas Representative from 2019 – 2020 and a Trustee-at-Large from 2023 -2024. He will head the Elogbook Committee for this year. His specialization is Wound Care and Diabetic Limb and Orthopedic Trauma. He became the POA West Visayas President in 2013. Currently a Training Staff at Corazon L. Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH) and Orthopedic Section Head at the University of St. La Salle College of Medicine.


Luzon Representative, 2023

Dr. Angel A. Cayetano is the new PBO Representative for Luzon. He was the former Chairman of the Cagayan Valley Medical Center and POA North Luzon President in 2017. His Academic and Hospital affiliations are at Cagayan Valley Medical Center, St. Paul Hospital Tuguegarao, and Cagayan United Doctors Medical Center. He specializes in Orthopedic Trauma and Shoulder.


Visayas Representative, 2023

Dr. Henry P. Tupas is the new PBO Representative for Visayas. POA West Visayas President in 2011. He is affiliated with the College of Medicine, West Visayas State University Medical Center, Qualimed Hospital in Iloilo, St Paul’s Hospital, and Iloilo Mission Hospital. He is a member of the Philippine Orthopaedic Trauma Society.


Mindanao Representative, 2023

Dr. Anthony Alberto C. Angala is the new PBO Representative for Mindanao. He was POA President of the South Mindanao Chapter in 2003 and a POA Trustee in 2004. He is a consultant at Southern Philippines Medical Center and Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital. He is also the current Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics at Davao Doctor’s Hospital. He specializes in Sports Medicine.