1. Choice of 2 training programs ranked 1 & 2 by the applicant.
  2. The proximity of residence to the site of training (may not be an essential criterion).
  3. A percentile rank of the applicant from the result of the National Orthopaedic Aptitude Examination (NOAE) acceptability of which will be decided by the department
  4. Needs of the training programs with regards to the number and quality of resident applicants. This is to emphasize that the decision as to who will be accepted to the training program will depend on the criteria set forth by the department for acceptance to their own training program.
  5. The selection process of the department will be enhanced and made easier since an objective basis for their decision will be provided, with the resident applicant having his performance during medical school, medical internship, and aptitude in orthopedics already assessed and evaluated prior to application.
  6. Training departments may schedule additional requirements like a personal or online interview of the resident applicants or a pre-residency period to be spent in the department as deemed necessary for the final decision on the acceptance of the resident applicant to their training program.