Important Dates

In-Service Training

  • First to Third Year Residents
  • Fourth Year (Qualifying)


  • Part I – Written
  • Part II – Oral
Examination Fee
  • ITE – PHP 3,000
  • Qualifying – PHP 4,000
  • Diplomate – PHP 15,000
Examination Results
Documentary Requirements
  • ITE
  • Qualifying Exam
  • Diplomate Examination Candidates
    • EC-02
    • AC-03
    • Research paper
    • Two (2) passport-sized and one ID size pictures, current within the last six (6) months
    • Current Curriculum Vitae
    • List of surgeries done after residency, including the surgeries done during his/her Fellowship, if any. The list of cases performed by the graduate should be authenticated by his immediate superior – the fellowship director for a fellowship program or the department chairman in other cases.
    • A photocopy of the Diploma or Certificate of Completion of Training.
    • Program Director’s endorsement letter.