2023 Calendar of Events




Jan 20 Elogbook Orientation Online
Jan 25 Deadline of Submission of Annual Report

Deadline of Accreditation Payment

Feb 4 and 11 GB 5th Workshop Online
Feb 25 – Jul 2 Accreditation Visits Face-to-face
Apr 18 Meeting with Chairs/TO’s Face-to-face
Apr 19-21 POA MY, Bacolod Face-to-face
May 24 Deadline of submission

of Requirements for the Diplomate Examinees

May 31 (On or Before) Release of Eligible Examinees for Diplomate
July 1 Orientation of Diplomate Examinees Online
July 8 & 9 Diplomate Written & Orals DE written exam venue: USTH.

DE Oral exam venue: TBA

Sept 21 (On or Before) Deadline of submission of Requirements for the QE/ITE Examinees
Sept 28 Release of Eligible examinees for QE
Oct 7 Deadline of submission for Outstanding Resident candidates
Oct 14 Orientation of QE/ITE Examinees Online
Oct 21 ITE/QE Venue:USTH. Face-to-face
Nov 14 PBO Recognition Activity Face-to-face
Nov 15-17 POA Annual 2023 Face-to-face